Thanks to the #SuperDogSunday Cheer Team!

As I type this, another great Super Dog Sunday™ is drawing to a close. The photos are in the judges’ hands, over $1500 in prizes are waiting to go to their new homes, and, most of all, a new crop of Petfinder pets is waiting for a forever home.

Many of the entries featured adoptable Petfinder pets, like sweet Olive, above. This Maltese awaits a forever home in Sherman Oaks, California. Abandoned in an apartment building, Olive is now in foster care and would love a home with another dog! For more information, please be sure to see her Petfinder page.

Many of the Petfinder entries were posted on the blogs published by members of the Super Dog Sunday™ Cheer Team, dedicated pet lovers that we’d like to once again thank for all their assistance. Please take a moment to check out these sites and follow these social media accounts for more terrific pet coverage!

Disclosure: Super Dog Sunday™ sponsors have made charitable donations to Petfinder Foundation and are supplying the $1500+ in prizes to be given away to 8 lucky winners in the photo contest. This event has been organized and produced completely as a charity effort by Event Barkers.

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