DOG TALK, March 30, 2013

This week on Tracie Hotchner’s DOG TALK® radio show:

  • Dr. Donna Spector talks about E.P.I and how German Shepherds and other breeds are suffering from this digestive disorder which is often undiagnosed (hear more from Dr. Donna on THE EXPERT VET, her new show with Tracie every Monday on Radio Pet Lady Network).
  • Dr. Nick Dodman from Tufts University talked about his work with owner-directed aggression in cats, how using the Neko Flies wand toy helped to manage one recent feline patient, and how his book The Cat Who Cried for Help describes similarly difficult situations.
  • Sam Ross describes how he created Green Chimneys, a unique farm setting school for children with difficulties, that includes camels, sheep, horses, chickens and companion dogs that the students help train as part of their therapy.


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