NASCAR’s Greg Biffle Drives Attention to Adoptable Dogs at Dog Day Afternoon Event

During a visit to the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex to promote the upcoming NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race, race car star Greg Biffle also helped to steer attention to pets in need at a special “Dog Day Afternoon” media event.

The defending winner of the NRA 500, the speed demon won the hearts of animal lovers in 2005 when he became a defender of pets in peril with the launch of The Greg Biffle Foundation. During the media presentation the race car driver revealed the sad tale which prompted him to become a driving force in the world of animal advocacy:

“There are a lot of cruelty cases with animals and you have to have a strong stomach for this story,” Biffle said. “We saw on the news one night that this lady was breeding Rottweilers in her back yard and she got tired of doing it and wanted to get rid of the pets. So she poured gasoline on them and lit them on fire to kill them while they were tied to a tree. That was kind of the turning point for me and we started the foundation shortly after that.”

During the event the Biffle shared the spotlight with Kevin– a two-month old Border Collie mix, and Lily– a four-year-old dachshund mix– as he presented the SPCA of Texas vice president of Communications Maura Davies with an autographed, race-worn fire suit which will help to raise funds during an auction at the organization’s “Fur Ball” gala in September.

The event also offered Biffle the opportunity to experience the skill of stout-hearted police dogs as he joined seven canine cops and their accompanying officers from the Fort Worth Police Department K-9 Unit for special narcotic and patrol dog exercises at Texas Motor Speedway.

Suiting up in a padded armor “bite suit” for his portrayal of a suspect, Biffle was attacked by veteran K-9 unit German Shepherd Moro and Rocky–an exercise followed by a look at the training techniques taught to the dogs during their three- to four-month program. For his effort, Biffle was presented with a Fort Worth K-9 Unit challenge coin, along with a K-9 Unit calendar and Fort Worth Police Department stocking cap.

“It’s incredible to see what dogs can do,” Biffle said. “Their sense of smell and being able to train a dog with commands and being able to say the commands and the dog do it, it’s incredible. For situations like that for these police officers to have a safety net of an animal and to be able to get into places and get people is super important.”

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Photo Credit:; Tom Pennington/Getty Images for Texas Motor Speedway

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