Furlocity Unleashes Pet Boarding Search & Booking Engine

Choosing a pet boarding facility for your four-legged family member has traditionally been no easy task, one involving multiple searches to seek and compare pet hotels. Starting April 2013, however, the search for dependable pet accommodation services will become as simple as searching, comparing and booking a human hotel thanks to the launch of Furlocity.com.

Furlocity, Inc., the world’s first comprehensive booking/search engine designed to search, compare, review and book pet accommodations, promises to  help pet owners fetch the best facilities for their dogs and cats.

Andy Smit, Founder and CEO of Furlocity, conceived the idea for this innovative search engine after hearing friends and family discuss the difficulties associated with boarding their pets. Finding quality, trustworthy pet hotels required numerous searches through traditional search engines, so Smit decided to create a single search engine to retrieve the best pet boarding information in one location. With 76 percent of online travelers planning their vacations online, Furlocity was a logical step for the travel industry and for the pet industry.

Like a hotel search and review site but for specifically for pet hotels, Furlocity has been designed to help pet lovers not only find pet boarding in their home area but also at their travel destination, if they’re traveling with pets but need to book a day of pet care. At the conclusion of the trip, pet parents also review and rate the facilities, earning points toward a free stay for Fido or Fluffy. The result: “Pet accommodations simpified!” says Smit.

“After extensive research, we realized there was a much greater need/demand within the pet boarding industry,” explains the CEO with his business partner and spouse, Amber Kirsten-Smit, who are proud pet parents to their beloved [spoiled] cats Chloe and Eisie. “We really think that pet owners will enjoy the ease of booking a pet boarding facility with us 24/7.”

Furlocity permits pet lovers to search and compare boarding facilities and pet resorts, from dog kennels to cat condos. Furlocity invites pet hotels and resorts to add listings and connect with passionate pet parents who seek dependable, trustworthy pet boarding for their furry family members.

Pet parents can get registered and start building their pet profile. Keep in mind that Furlocity is still growing, so if you don’t find a pet care facility in your city, don’t worry, they are adding facilities every day!

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About Furlocity.com

Furlocity, Inc. is a startup company based in one of the country’s most pet friendly cities: San Diego, California. Furlocity gives pet owners (consumers) the ability to search, compare, book and review various pet accommodations and  services online including a diversified selection of “pet hotels” (pet boarding facilities, kennels, pet daycare, pet resorts, etc.) Pet owners will benefit from live rate comparisons, pre-loaded vaccination records and rewards every time they book a stay. Furlocity also helps pet hotels by giving them the ability to manage rates, inventory, customers, staff and promotions all from a single dashboard that is accessible in the cloud.

Furlocity’s goal is to finally bridge the gap in the current pet services industry between both pet owners and pet accommodations providers (pet hotels), ultimately creating a lasting symbiotic relationship. Furlocity’s current service offering includes live listings of multiple pet hotels that will be available for real time bookings for pet owners. Each pet owner will have the ability to decide what pet hotel to book based on reviews, location, accessibility, price and even promotions.

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