Famous Internet Dogs Promote Save Them All Mission

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Screen Shot 2013-11-22 at 11.53.48 AMCelebrity Spots and famous felines are using their combined star power to shine a spotlight on the option of adoption.

Joining with popular purrers LIL BUB and Nala, prestigious pups Tuna and Ginny are helping Best Friends Animal Society’s mission to Save Them All™ by posting Instagram videos that demonstrate the doggedly devoted bond between adopted pets and their human parents.

Abandoned on the side of the road at just four months old, Tuna’s forever Mom found the charming Chiweenie though a rescue group at a Los Angeles farmer’s market. Today the three-year-old philanthropic Fido with the adorable overbite has melted the hearts of his more than 590,700 Instagram followers not only through his playful poses, but also for donating a portion of the proceeds from his merchandise to a paws cause.

Screen Shot 2013-11-22 at 11.55.32 AMBrought to a shelter by a compassionate citizen who had found her bound to a fence near a busy street, Ginny the Jack Russell was welcomed into the heart and home of her human parent in 2008. The UK canine was happy to help her four-legged pals on this side of the pond by showing the joy that pet adoption can bring:

To find out how you can take part in Best Friends Animal Society’s efforts to Save Them All™ by striving to end the daily euthanization of 9,000 dogs and cats:

Photo Credit: Instagram/Tuna Melts My Heart/Ginny’s World

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  • Jessica Sala

    LOL what cute faces 🙂 Will share with my friends! Sounds like a wonderful cause!

  • What a great cause! Both pups are so adorable!

    Jenn from myfurryinterestinglife.blogspot.com