Dec. 16: This Week on Radio Pet Lady Network

rplnMonday, Dec. 16

CAT CRAZY #1019 at 8 PM ET

Dr. Elizabeth talks to Jeanna in Orlando, Florida about her two Cornish Rex who are vomiting every day and explains using the term “hyper carnivore” in place of  “obligate  carnivore.”

Pet Cancer Vet #2019 at 8:30 ET

Dr. Sue talks to Erica about her tripawd kitty Jill, who won the Neko Napper contest – on her one-year anniversary of her amputation for a rare osteosarcoma.

Tuesday, Dec. 17

CAT CAT® DOG TALK® #3020  at 8 PM ET

Dr. Patrick and Tracie talk to acupuncturist Dr Julie Buzby, who also invented ToeGrips for slippery senior dogs.

Pet Food Advisors #7020  at 8:30 PM ET

Everything you ever wanted to ask about Vitamins:  how important is the origin of a vitamin to bio availability and how the body can use it? What’s up with Vitamin K in cat food? What harm can some vitamins cause?

Wednesday, Dec. 18

Dog Travel Experts #4019  at 8 PM ET

We talk about my 10 holiday tips for pet travel!

The Expert Vet #5018 at 8:30 PM ET

Donna answers a disturbing question from Marilyn, the devoted owner of 15-year old French Bulldog, Mister, whose lifetime of chronic ear and sinus infections has turned into a terrible infection that is defying treatment – and keeping him from his beloved “job” as a pet therapy pooch helping kids in school with the R.E.A.D. program.

DOG TALK (and Kitties, Too!) at 9 PM ET

Three wonderful holiday feel-good photo books: Rebecca Ascher-Walsh with DEVOTED, David Tabatsky with BEAUTIFUL OLD DOGS and Lisa Rogak with ONE BIG HAPPY FAMILY; Tracie answers listeners questions about dry food: is it all “kitty crack,” even kibble for dogs?

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