#HolidayRealness Encourages Fun Pet Videos, Photos

How do YOU celebrate the holidays with your dogs? This fun video from Nokia is just one of many super cute videos that illustrates that in many houses, just like in ours, the holidays have really gone to the dogs! Check out the  Holiday HUB for lots of videos (including one of a pig, one of our faves!) and share your own photo–with your photo and a fun caption inserted in a fun card, with the free Oh, Snaps! page!

In our home, Irie and Tiki have their own (personalized) stockings, their own ornaments on the tree, and their own presents under the tree. Opening their presents is something we always capture in photos…
Don’t have your own photos under the tree? Just use the Oh, Snaps! page and add your own!

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  • Anne Tafoya

    Hey, that’s Sophia Loren in the sparkly glasses! She was part if Nokia’s Canine Christmas along with her fuzzy buddies! Thanks for sharing Paris! #HolidayRealness