Help Pedigree Donate 100,000 Bowls of Food to Shelters! #DogTales

pedigree_badge1_V3-150Irie’s 6th “Gotcha Day” is coming up next weekend. When we adopted her, Irie was both a little underweight and had demodectic mange. Transmitted by their nursing mother, pups generally get demodex on their face and chest but both poor nutrition and the stress of being a stray and/or being at the shelter can cause flareups in older puppies as well.

Irie was five months old when she was picked up on the streets by a Good Samaritan and taken to the no-kill shelter where, a month later, we saw her and, that same day, brought her home:


A series of dips and good food brought about a transformation from a puppy with very thin fur and some bloody patches…


…to the Irie she is today…


When the people at PEDIGREE® asked us to talk about the transformation that shelter dogs can make, we jumped at the chance because we’ve seen it happen first-hand.

PEDIGREE’s new See what good food can do™ campaign showcases the impact we can all make in dogs’ lives, especially shelter dogs, with some extra attention, good food and loving care and that’s a cause that we can really get behind. Money is tight at shelters across the country so we’re glad to spread the word about how YOU can help feed shelter dogs without spending any money of your own. Since 2008, PEDIGREE® has donated more than 20 million pounds of food to shelter dogs–so let’s help increase that amount!!

PEDIGREE is donating up to 100,000 bowls of food in this campaign–all you have to do is share your own tale about what your dog means to YOU!

How You Can Help

Using the hashtag #DogTales, you can share what your dog means to YOU on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram–and PEDIGREE® will donate a bowl of food to a shelter in need! It’s a super easy way to share the joy of your dog AND provide food to a dog in need. Just share your dog’s story–how your dog joined your family or what your dog means to you–and add #DogTales to help shelter dogs!

Please take just a moment to share YOUR dog tale! Share what your dog means to you, include the #DogTales hashtag in your Tweet, Facebook post, or Instagram photo or video, and PEDIGREE will donate a bowl of food to help a shelter dog!

Disclosure: We have been compensated by PEDIGREE to share this news; as always, we only share news that we believe will help our readers and shelter pets!

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