Jan. 20: This Week on Radio Pet Lady Network

This week on Radio Pet Lady Network, you can listen to these popular pet programs as they broadcast or by podcast:

DOG TALK (and Kitties, Too!)

What was the recent story with the blind man who fell onto subway tracks and then got donations of $40,000 because he said he had to give away his guide dog? DOG TALK listener Gil (who has been on the show before discussing his own guide dogs Evie and Satch), tries to explain the strange situation; Tracie’s chiropractor Ken describes how she steered him away from buying a puppy from an Arkansas puppy mill and instead hooked him up with a wonderful home Cockapoo breeder in Massachusetts; Cristine from Shady Lane is that Cockapoo breeders, and describes how she got involved in cockapoos and her ethical struggle with breeding vs. her support of rescuing animals.

Monday, Jan. 20 

CAT CHAT#1023 at 8 PM ET

Mieshelle Nagelschneider, “The Cat Whisperer,” helps Audrey in Colorado with her kitty Luna (the LUNAtic, as Audrey calls her!) and Tracie sends her a Feliway pheromone diffuser to help even more.

Pet Cancer Vet #2023 at 8:30 ET

Dr. Sue talks to Nancy, keeps her chin and spirits up, even though her darling Nero has had multiple cancers.

Humane Talk #8001  at 9 PM ET

Wayne and Tracie talk about the intense controversy over GoDaddy.com CEO Bob Parsons’ killing of an African elephant in Zimbabwe. Learn more about the issue of wasteful trophy hunting and how to support companies that are friendly to animals; Tracie and Wayne discuss the campaign to help dogs in puppy mills, where breeding dogs typically live in small cages for their whole lives without proper care and puppies are sold through pet stores and over the Internet..

Tuesday, Jan. 21

Holistic Vets #3024 at 8 PM ET

Dr. Patrick’s top 5 acupuncture success stories of 2013!

Pet Food Advisors #7024 at 8:30 PM ET

Tracie and Dr. Sean debate whether it’s a good thing for pet owners when one of the Big Four pet food companies buys up one of the smaller natural private companies, as happened again recently.

Wednesday, Jan. 22

Dog Travel Experts #4024 at 8 PM ET 

Tracie and Paris talk to Lucy of The Honest Kitchen whose recent newsletter featured her two rules about safe car travel: windows up and leashes on whenever on the road. And Quickies for dog training rewards – and a Valentine’s Day special!

The Expert Vet #5022 at 8:30 PM ET

Dr. Donna and Tracie launch the Halo Healthy Weight Challenge and welcome Fritz, the rescue pooch from the South, who is already 8 lbs. Overweight at age 2 and wants to retain his boyish figure with Dr. Donna’s personalized diet plan for him featuring the Halo Healthy Weight kibble and canned food.

Good Dogs! #6003  at 9 PM ET

Babette and Tracie talk about how you can get a purebred dog and still support re-homing a dog by going to a breed rescue to adopt (and spend less money than purchasing a puppy!)

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