Feb. 3: This Week on Radio Pet Lady Network

This week on Radio Pet Lady Network, you can listen to these popular pet programs as they broadcast or by podcast:rpln

Monday, Feb. 3

Cat Chat®, # 1027 at 8pm ET

Caroline from TheHappyLitterBox.com raves with Tracie about their mutual enthusiasm about the incredible design of the Litter-Lifter and how much better it is than conventional scoops; Melanie in New Hampshire gets advice on making peace between newly-adopted Patches, who is bullying sweet 17-year-old Little Foot (and receives a Feliway diffuser from Tracie to help bring harmony).

Pet Cancer Vet, #2026 at 8:30pm ET

Steve Siegel, founder of Best Pet RX in NYC, describes his company’s unique compounding of medications your pet will not swallow – and turn them into a tablet, paste or liquid that your dog or cat will take without a fuss (with a guarantee to keep formulating until they have a happy four-legged customer!).

Humane Talk, #8003 at 9pm ET

The “humane economy:” Tracie and Wayne talk about the idea of businesses reflecting humane values–such as whale watching instead of whale hunting, pet stores supporting adoption instead of puppy mills, or ecotourism instead of seal killing; they discuss horse slaughter, including the closure of U.S. slaughter plants in recent years and the continuing efforts to stop the export of American horses to Canada and Mexico to be killed for human consumption.

Tuesday, Feb. 4

Holistic Vets, #3026 at 8pm ET

Welcoming Dr. Barbara Royal, the president of the American Holistic Veterinary Medical, as co-host of the show with her knowledge of acupuncture and natural healing treatments.

Pet Food Advisors, #7026 at 8:30 PM ET

Is there really a diet that helps prevent or treat cancer? Is high protein, low-carb a myth that gives pet owners false hope? Or does a nutritional approach to cancer have to do with what kind of cancer the pet has and what stage it is?

DOG TALK (and Kitties, Too!) at 9 PM

Focus on the Westminster Dog Show! Dog trainer Babette Haggerty (Tracie’s co-host on GOOD DOGS! Wednesday nights on the Radio Pet Lady Network) discusses what she looks out for at the Westminster Show, where she has been going since she was in utero!;  agility will be featured for the first time at the dog show and one of the national champions – Rhea with her Doberman Pinscher – talks about what this NYC event means to her and Carlos the Dobie; Chris Walkowicz, author of Dog Show Judging: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, explains what a judge is looking for and how decisions are made in the ring.

Wednesday, Feb.5

Dog Travel Experts, #4027 at 8 PM ET

David Frei, “the voice of the Westminster dog show” talks about the schedule of fun for visitors to NYC and all the competitions people can enjoy.

The Expert Vet, #5024 at 8:30 PM ET

Fritz has started on the HALO Healthy Weight challenge and Dr. Donna describes how she came up with the calorie count that has already taken nearly a pound off in a week.

Good Dogs! #6006 at 9 PM

Aggression: is it inborn and coded in a dog’s DNA? Is there a way to know when you first get a puppy  or adopt a new dog whether they have dangerous aggressive tendencies?

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