Olympian David Backes Saves Sochi Puppies

BgwHonaIMAA1rk9The US Olympic ice hockey team may have landed in fourth place at the Sochi games, but one of its players has won a top spot in the hearts of animal lovers for helping the Russian city’s stray dogs.

Whenever he steps off the ice, St. Louis Blues captain David Backes steps into his role as the Athletes for Animals, an organization he co-founder with his wife Kelly to offer financial aid to rescues, promote the option of pet adoption and educate the public about responsible pet guardianship. Through a joint effort from several ice hockey players and the sports stars’ wives, two of Sochi’s stray pups were literally floating on a cloud as they flew with Backes and his wife toward a brighter tomorrow.

Named Sochi Junior and Sochi Jake, the two tail-waggers are currently in quarantine for 30 days at Five Acres Animal Shelter, a no-kill facility in St. Charles, Missouri, which will provide them with comfort and care until they find their forever homes.

For more information regarding Athletes for Animals (which is holding a Stars of Sochi fundraiser on March 16th in St. Louis):

Along with Sochi Junior and Sochi Jake, Sochi Jack– another stray who found his way to the compassionate sports star during the winter games (seen in the photo below)– is also on the road to finding a loving pet parent thanks to David Backes and LAPA, Helping Animals in Russia— A UK-based animal welfare charity which stepped in to help Sochi Jack when he was unable to make the flight to America due to transportation issues. (The National Hockey League Players Association reports that Sochi Jack would require a heated cargo container, which the plane did not have, for the long journey.)

Photo Credit: Twitter/Athletes for Animals Video Credit: Fox2Now.com

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