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Screen Shot 2014-03-16 at 4.45.23 PMWe’re all looking to streamline our email right now–so we’ve decided to combine our daily DogTipper, daily CatTipper, and DogTipper giveaways newsletters (all sent out from Feedburner) with our PetTipper newsletter! Like the old newsletters, this new newsletter will only include quick summaries so you can easily scan the newsletter and click over to read the posts that are important to you.

Each newsletter will also feature a list of the week’s giveaway winners and the week’s secret code for 100 additional entries in all our giveaways!

If you’re accustomed to following our sites on Facebook, it’s especially important to subscribe to our newsletter now because more changes have been announced with a new look rolling out in the coming days. We know from experience that these changes often mean that fewer people see page updates. So that you don’t miss any news (including recall news), giveaways, winner announcements, recipes, and more, please take just a moment to subscribe to PetTipper.

If you’re already subscribed, you don’t have to do a thing; you’ll continue to receive a newsletter but it will be coming from editors@dogtipper.com with the subject line “DogTipper & CatTipper posts for DATE”. You will no longer receive the newsletters that you were receiving from Feedburner.

Don’t know if you’ve already subscribed? Just enter your email in the form below; the form will quickly tell you that you’re already subscribed! Once you subscribe, please watch your inbox for a confirmation email; you’ll need to click the link in the confirmation email to complete your subscription.

budgetdog-cover200litterbox-100pxAnd, don’t forget, all subscribers also receive two free ebooks: How to Put Your Dog on a Budget and Litterbox Problems in Cats, written by a vet tech!

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