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rplnWhat’s new on the Radio Pet Lady Network this week? You’ll find a list of new shows below, and don’t forget that you can also listen to any archived show as a podcast anytime!

DOG TALK (and Kitties, Too!)

  • Dr. Con Slobodchikoff – world renowned for discovering that prairie dogs actually have a language – talks about this and the human reluctance to admit we are not the only ones with true language in his book CHASING DOCTOR DOOLITTLE.
  • Annie Brody is the creator and director of Camp Unleashed in the Berkshires where Tracie is taking her new dog Maisie on May 29th to try agility, dock diving, K-9 Nosework, and star gazing.
  • Michael Kaufman is the director of the Green Chimneys farm school and discusses a life spent enhancing the human-animal bond.


Dr. Barry Kipperman is a veterinary internist who founded VetCare, a 24-hour emergency and referral clinic in Dublin, California, yet as a member of the Humane Society Veterinary Medical Association’s Leadership Council he feels that the vet oath “is schizophrenic – it’s a rose with a lot of thorns.” Hear Dr. Barry’s thoughts on acknowledging and examining inconsistencies in how we treat different species of animals.

GOOD DOGS! #6017

Annie from Camp Unleashed discusses all the experiences Tracie and her new pooch Maisie have to look forward to on May 29th (and there is still time for you to join there HERE) – then Gayle from Avidog talks about ways to prepare yourself as much as your dog for such adventures and how to both have genuine fun once you’re there.

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