DaVinci’s Detroit Initiative Food Drive Brings in Over 2 Tons of Food!


As you know, this month we’ve been promoting a pet food drive spearheaded by The DaVinci Foundation for Animals to assist a Detroit pet food bank. We asked for your help in publicizing this drive that lasted the entire month of April. Many of you donated food and money as well as your valuable promotion of the drive, sharing it with your Twitter followers and friends. Joining forces with BringFido.com and Pedigree, the drive was an AMAZING success!

The resulting will help SO many dogs remain in their Detroit homes as well as help feed homeless dogs on the streets of Detroit. Along with your donations, we’re so excited to announce that Pedigree donated FOUR THOUSAND POUNDS of food to the drive! And BringFido.com was able to help that food “travel” to Detroit and make sure it was available for the needy dogs. Candilynn and Michael of The DaVinci Foundation for Animals (with the help of DaVinci himself) helped deliver the over two tons of Dog food (just under 2700 Large Cans of Pedigree dog food)  to Detroit.

The DaVinci Foundation for Animals is a 501c3 non profit organization that, through the AAAR Paws for life program, distributes food all over the city of Detroit, to any family, or person with pets, that is in need of assistance, to assure that no animal go hungry. The outreach extends to several rescues, shelters and homeless dogs and cats that are left on the cities streets.

Just days before the food drive was set to end, all of the pet food banks in Detroit were almost empty, even the well funded Michigan Humane society. Because of the success of  “DaVinci’s Detroit Initiative” Food Drive, Paws for Life, Detroit’s second largest food bank, will have food to assist families and will be  able to feed homeless dogs throughout the entire summer!

“We believe that no dog should to go hungry, all we need to do is band together”  states Candilynn and Michael Lockhart, DFA co-Founders. The DaVinci Foundation raises funds and awareness to help animals in need, and to spread the message of hope not only on a local level but on a global scale as well.

For more information on the Foundation and how you can help make this change, please visit www.TheDaVinciFoundation.org.

Tweet: Thank you @PedigreeUS for your 2 ton donation to the DaVinci Foundation pet food drive to feed Detroit dogs! http://ctt.ec/7Rf6t+

About the DaVinci Foundation For Animals

The DaVinci Foundation for Animals is a non profit 501c3 organization based in Metro Detroit,Co founded by Sports Entertainers and professional husband and wife writing team, pro animal photographer Candilynn and Michael Lockhart, inspired by a little dog named DaVinci. They are funded through donations, corporate sponsorship, brand merchandising, and through the support of Artists of all types including music and entertainment. The Foundation raises funds to help provide assistance with low cost spay/neuter procedures and health clinics, food bank replenishment, community outreach, and educational programs for both adults and children, that support responsible animal guardianship. They are the creators of “Adopt/Foster across the nation ™” and the” DaVinci Artists ™”. The Foundation also hopes to one day end the horrors of dog fighting and puppy mills. More information on the DFA programs or how to become a DaVinci artist visit: www.TheDavinciFoundation.org

About BringFido.com

Since launching in 2005, Bring Fido has helped more than 10 million people take their dogs on vacation. Founder Melissa Halliburton, along with “Fido Mascot” Ace, has traveled the country finding the best dog-friendly locals on the planet to pass along to clients. After her own frustration of difficulty finding pet-friendly accommodations years before while attending a friend’s wedding, Melissa was determined to change things for pet travel by founding BringFido.com. Bring Fido.com is the largest pet-friendly travel site on the web. They also support a 24-hour call center to help dog lovers and their pets arrange dog-friendly lodging and adventure. Bring Fido’s recent release Ruff Guide to the United States was release April 2014 after two long years of production and almost a full year of travel. To order the Ruff guide to the United states go to: www.Ruffguides.com and Enter promo code The DaVinci Foundation to continue to help the DFA make a difference in the lives of animals everywhere!

About Pedigree

Pedigree states that “Everything we do is for the love of Dogs from feeding to adoptions” and that “Really good food makes a difference”. Pedigree is helping make a difference; in 2014, Pedigree launched the Pedigree Feeding Project, and is helping organizations like The DaVinci Foundation for Animals truly create a difference in the lives of animals. Pedigree has stepped up to help Feed Detroit through “DaVinci’s Detroit Initiative” and continues to assist organizations that are helping animals from feeding programs, adoptions, to assisting with grants through the Pedigree Foundation. For more information, please visit: www.Pedigree.com or the Pedigree foundation: www.ThePedigreefoundation.org.

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