What New the Week of April 21 on Radio Pet Lady Network?

This week on Radio Pet Lady Network, you can listen to these popular pet programs as they broadcast or by podcast:

DOG TALK (and Kitties, Too!)

  • Author David Grimm discusses the amazing evolution of peoples’ relationships to their dogs and cats in CITIZEN CANINE.
  • Tracie’s new co-host on the Radio Pet Lady Network show GOOD DOGS! is Gayle Watkins, who has been breeding competitive Golden Retrievers for 35 years and discusses her new company Avidog that promotes effective puppy rearing.
  • Maureen Doherty is the farm supervisor at Green Chimneys school for emotionally challenged children in Brewster, New York and talks about the benefits of their new interactive shelter dog program – and invites everyone to the campus for the free Birds of Prey Day June 1st .

GOOD DOGS! #6012

  • Introducing Lisa from Avidog, who introduces the rest of us to agility with a 101 on how it works.


  • Lions, Tigers & Bears: wild, dangerous animals were being kept as pets in Ohio and dozens of tigers, lions, and other animals were killed after being released by an unstable man, a tragic example of why stronger laws are needed.
  • Tracie and Wayne discuss the ban on bullfighting in Catalonia, a province in northeastern Spain, a successful milestone in the ongoing campaign to end this blood sport elsewhere.

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