Our Pet Blog Directory Moves to A New Site!


You’ll remember the Pet Blog Directory here on DogTipper…well, now it’s a separate website! PetBlogDirectory.com features over 400 dog, cat, small pet, and general pet blogs.

If you are looking for new blogs to follow, please pop over to PetBlogDirectory.com  and check out the fun! You’ll find a handy search box in the upper right corner.

If you have a pet blog, please add your listing! You’ll find a submission form on the new site that’s quick and easy to use. Please do a quick search and make sure that, in the past three years of the directory, you hadn’t already sent in a listing. (If you have and you find corrections, just drop us an email with the URL and the corrections and we’ll get that updated.)

If you add your listing, be sure to sign up for our Pet Blog Directory newsletter as well. Once a month, we’ll send out news and opportunities. You’ll find the signup form in the right sidebar of PetBlogDirectory.com.

We’ve also launched a new Pet Blog Directory Facebook page!

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