April 7: What’s New This Week on Radio Pet Lady Network?


This week on Radio Pet Lady Network, you can listen to these new pet programs:

DOG TALK (and Kitties, Too!)

  •  Karen Wright discusses breeding Bombay cats [www.greatblackbombays.com] as companions for special needs children on the autism spectrum because the breed is “lap Velcro” and can make a big difference in the lives of these kids.
  • Film director Peter Mcevilley discusses how the CEO of Halo Purely for Pets commissioned him to make a short film [http://www.halopets.com/film] about how pet adoption is a two-way street and his “French” movie has all the charm of “Amelie” and loads of heart.
  • Dog Talk’s Official trainer Allison Denlea [http://www.allisonsdogtraining.com/] answers a listener’s question about a puppy pooping in the house and explains how people can manage a situation so that never happens.


  • When can donkeys fly? When the HSUS brought people together in Hawaii to airlift free-roaming donkeys to a sanctuary on the mainland.
  • The federal government is concerned about reducing huge budget deficits and Wayne tells Tracie four ways that Congress can cut hundreds of millions in wasteful spending on chimpanzees, wild horses, animals in research and wildlife.

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