Catch Me Twice This Week on Radio Pet Lady Network!

rplnThis week I’m on two of the Radio Pet Lady Network shows: both DOG TRAVEL EXPERTS which I co-host and Tracie’s DOG TALK show, both times discussing our new The Healthy Hound Cookbook (Adams Media)! Here’s a full rundown of the new shows this week:

healthy-hound-final-cover150pxDOG TRAVEL EXPERTS #4029

Tracie and I compare our favorite treat recipes from DogTipper’s new book, The Healthy Hound Cookbook, which is chockful of yummy, nutritious and easy to make treats.

DOG TALK (and Kitties,Too!)

  • Fashion photographer Paul Nathan turns his lens on the way dogs are “sculpted” by professional groomers in his stunning photo book GROOMED, and turns his camera on canine fashionistas in his second book, Couture Dogs of New York.
  • Dr. Bernadine Cruz is an AVMA spokesperson for National Pet week, and talks about what went on volunteering her services for the vet checks on sled dogs running the Iditarod race.
  • Tracie’s co-host Paris Permenter from DOG TRAVEL EXPERTS on the Radio Pet Lady Network has come out with The Healthy Hound Cookbook, full of easy and nutritious dog treats you can make yourself.


Wayne tells Tracie about the Shelter Pet Project – a project of The HSUS, the Ad Council, and the pet foundation Maddie’s Fund – that promotes shelter adoptions through a national ad campaign; “Pets for Life” helps under-served communities in cities like Atlanta, Chicago, and Philadelphia host free pet health clinics.

GOOD DOGS! #6015

Marcy on trick training and how to “capture an offered behavior”; Grant from Riley’s Organics dog treats talks about a childhood dog and the farm he grew up on that inspired his 100% USDA organic treats

CAT CHAT #1029

Dr. Elizabeth Hodgkins explains feline heartworm disease – its deadly, and there is no cure! If you live in a state like Alabama or one with a similar climate, you had better take note. For more information about this deadly but preventable disease, go to


Patty in Stuartstown, Pennsylvania asks Dr. Sue’s advice about her pet Halo, who had cancer removed from his back and was told he had a “clean” pathology report. Patty wants to know whether the word “clean” in a pathology report actually means “clean & cancer free?” Tracie and Dr. Sue recommend getting a second opinion from an oncologist.


Dr. Patrick talks about his top four pet healthcare topics – calorie restriction (food=love is not a good equation), home dental care, vaccinate only healthy pets (wait three weeks between vaccinations and use the Vaccicheck titer test beforehand); get your veterinary information only from credible sources.


Epigenetics – how does a mother’s diet affect later generations especially around a tendency to obesity? Are genes turned on or off? The generational impact on people and dogs from what our grandparents and great grandparents had to eat. – or whether they experienced poor nutrition or famine conditions.


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