May Horoscopes for Dogs


May brings warmer weather, flowers from the showers, and the start of BBQ season; it also brings more pet horoscopes from Hollywood Psychics for your canine companions. Find your dog’s zodiac sign and learn your pet’s horoscope for the month!


The peppy and playful Aries dog will be influenced by Venus in May; so expect to see all of these normal behaviors exacerbated! Lucky for the owner, May is a lovely month so a few extra walks, games of fetch, or other outdoor activities with the pooch will be done in the sun.


Taurus dogs are always a bit stubborn and set in their own ways. In May, you can see this nature intensified. Owners will have to work extra hard to get their dog out of the house (harder than normal). Since food is a motivating factor especially for Taurus dogs, indulge them more with their favorite treats this month. It will help their solemn mood and hopefully inspire them to be more active.


Mercury’s influence will help these normally high strung dogs loosen up a bit this May. If you own a Gemini dog, you know they tend to embody the “yapper” title all too well. Since the positive influence of the stars this month will help level out their temperament, you might find them using more efficient – and less loud – methods of communication.


Everyone knows that their Cancer dog loves them; they are always there for you, no matter how mad you get at them or what is going on. However, owners should be slightly more sensitive to their Cancer dog’s body language this May because they’ll be a bit more particular and fussy. Taking them somewhere with water – their natural safety place – can help alleviate some of the inner-stress going on.


If you ignore your Leo dog, their normal proud and loud presence is dulled because they don’t feel they’re the center of attention. In May, you might not get the same reaction. While the charisma of the dog is still quite intact, he/she may not expect as much attention once they enter the room. Just silently embrace their presence; if they do seem to get a bit depressed from the lessened attention, some treats and praise can help bring them back to good spirits.


Mercury and Jupiter give Virgo dogs quite the confidence boost this May. They’ll exhibit less anxiety, stress, and will more freely give their owners affection. This morale boost will also shine through in their physical health, and this allergy prone dog might dodge some of their annual allergies this May. The spring cleaning going on may also be improving this clean-freak canine’s mood!


Libra dogs always crave attention, and this May they will do so even more! These pups are feeling nothing but love from the influence of Venus in Libra. When Mars enters Libra later in the month, these normally indecisive dogs will also be more confident in their actions.


Scorpio dogs will be a bit more in need of your attention this month and will be extra protective over their owners. The need to be near their owners might be due to their vulnerability to ailments, thanks to Mars. Owners of Scorpio dogs need to take extra notice to their pets’ actions to make sure they’re not coming down with something and always feeling their best.


The boundless energy of the Sagittarius is at its peak in May, just in time for the weather to warm up. Expect your pooch to want extra walking, running, and time in the sun. And thanks to the influences of the Sun and Venus in Sagittarius, these dogs will be in a place to accomplish anything this month. It may be used to avoid their tendency to be involved in accidents, or it could be something more remarkable!


For the majority of May, your wise and proper Capricorn dog may be needier and require more attention. These pups won’t need sun and fun like many other signs; instead it’s more important to provide them with a feeling of warmth, safety, and love. Later in the month, Mars will normalize and your pooch will go back to his/her normal ways.


You will see less of your Aquarius dog in the beginning in the month, as he/she is likely off peacefully contemplating the meaning of their doggy existence. As the month rolls on, Mercury will enter Aquarius and you’ll see more of their vibrant side. Luckily, the weather usually doesn’t REALLY warm up until the latter parts of the month so it will be all the more reason to run around outside.


The moody Pisces dog will be much more stable in the month of May. These dogs will be less likely to shift from one mood to the next. Pisces pups are also more prone to ailments this May, and with the weather warming up owners should take extra care to pay attention when outdoors. Extra attention will hopefully prevent any leg or foot injuries from these typically more frail pooches.

There may be more in store for your pup this month. Get more than just pet horoscopes and speak with a phone psychic for more insight about your canine companion!


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