Puppies, Canine Water Sports & Antibiotics: New on RPLN

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  • Dr Alan Beck – Professor of Animal Ecology and head of the Center for the Human-Animal bond at Purdue University – who was quoted in Jane Brody’s recent New York Times article about the value to people of dogs discusses whether therapy animals pay an emotional price for helping people.
  • Dr. Barbara Royal, Tracie’s co-host on HOLISTIC VETS, discusses the overuse of antibiotics in human medicine and food production animals which has led to antibiotic-resistant infections and recommends Dr. Martin Blaser’s book MISSING MICROBES: How the overuse of antibiotics is fueling our modern plagues.
  • Dog trainer Erica Etchason describes how canine water sports works for Tracie, who is going to be trying it at Camp Unleashed in the Berkshires May 29th with her new dog Maisie.


  • Wayne explains the problem of gestation crates, where many breeding sows are confined on factory farms for most of their lives without even being able to turn around – animal advocates are campaigning to phase out these cruel cramped crates for breeding mothers; online sales of puppies are usually from mass-production puppy mills, so buyers must beware, even though cute looking puppies may win you over, unsuspecting consumers don’t know that a recent investigation linked a major puppy broker to inhumane puppy mills and how they can avoid supporting puppy mills when getting a dog.

GOOD DOGS! #6013

  • Gayle talks about puppies – all the things you should know and be prepared for beforehand and the delights and challenges of adding a puppy to your household.



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