Socialization to Spring Ticks: New on Radio Pet Lady Network

rplnThis week you can hear these new shows on Radio Pet Lady Network…don’t forget that you can also listen to any archived show as a podcast anytime!

DOG TALK (and Kitties, Too!)

  • Dr. Elizabeth Hodgkins talks TICKS – the clear and present danger especially in Spring – and what one can do to provide protection for pets and people.
  • Dr. Ian Dunbar’s puppy books recount the ways that early handling of a puppy influences his entire life and personality.
  • GOOD DOGS! co-host and Avidog co-founder Gayle Watkins – also a long time breeder of competitive Golden Retrievers – talks about what socialization really means and how it’s really never too late to get your dog “right” about things.


  • An encore of Tracie and Wayne’s discussion of the biggest victories for animals in 2011, such as an agreement between The HSUS and a major egg industry group to phase out barren battery cages for hens, as well as good news on pet rescue and shark finning.
  • Suggestions for New Year’s resolutions to adopt a humane diet, discussing how the choices we make when we sit down to eat make a big difference for animals and how adopting Meatless Mondays or buying cage-free eggs can make great resolutions any time of the year.

GOOD DOGS! #6018

  • Trainer Lise of Avidog discusses the essential importance of consistency in a training a dog- and what that literally means to a dog; she explains fundamental training issues like “a dog will do what works for him” and how “reward what you like” is a key to successfully communicating your desires to your dog.

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