Tractor Supply Stores Ready for #PurinaDays Special Event


I’m happy to say that we live in a rural area. Although city comforts are nearby, our area is very rural. Although that may mean no trash pickup, no cable tv, and no city water, we think the benefits are tremendous for us and for our animals. We have a lot of peace and quiet to enjoy, Irie and Tiki have numerous trails to explore on our walks, and we’re surrounded by wildlife. Although this region isn’t particularly good for farm animals due to the steep hills and numerous rocks, some of our neighbors do have chickens (although the number of coyotes in the area make that difficult.)

The part of Texas where John grew up, however, was very much the cattle country that many people associate with Texas. When we return to that area, conversations generally center around hay prices, drought, and fencing. John grew up with pigs, cattle, and horses, depending on the local feed store for their needs.

Today for many people with animals–whether livestock or pets–those needs are now met by their local Tractor Supply store. These stores sell everything that ranchers–and pet lovers–need for their animals, from feed to bedding, crates to grooming supplies.

They also sell a wide range of birding supplies including feeders, birdseed, and more. We have numerous bird feeders around our home that we stock with bird seed from Tractor Supply. We keep several feeders right outside our catio, where our cats can sit outdoors and safely enjoy the outdoors, and the birds remain safe as well:


Besides traditional bird feeders, we also have several hummingbird feeders in our yard:


There’s almost always a hummingbird nearby:


In fact, one built a nest this year down near our creek:


…and just this week we spotted two little baby hummingbirds on the nest!


Along with filling our bird needs, we also turn to Tractor Supply for many of our pets’ needs, from premium food to litter, toys, and bedding.

For all of us looking to save money, don’t miss this week’s special Purina Days event, culminating in Saturday’s fun at all of the Tractor Supply stores. Along with five days of savings, the stores will be hosting free events on Saturday. Some stores, like this one in Roanoke, Texas, will even be having special pet adoption events!


Be sure to check with your local Tractor Supply for the details on your store’s Purina Days fun!

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