June 16: This Week on Radio Pet Lady Network


Add these programs on Radio Pet Lady Network to your plans for this week! You’ll find a list of new shows below, and don’t forget that you can also listen to any archived show as a podcast anytime!

DOG TALK (and Kitties, Too!)

  • Ann Phinney’s book FINDING MY WAY TO MOOSE RIVER FARM is about what happens when you make a childhood dream come true – and discusses the differences between dogs and pigs and how they learn and cohabitate with people.
  • Stan Yocum is a puppy raiser for Canine Companions for Independence and discusses what goes into puppy rearing for 18 months and how difficult but gratifying it can be to give up that dog to the person he is paired with as a service dog.
  • Julie Hecht is a canine behavioral researcher who manages Alexandra Horowitz’s Canine Cognition Lab at Barnard in NYC – and discusses the upcoming SPARCS conference in Newport R.I., an international conference on dog behavior and cognition that will be streaming free online June 20-22.


  • Alecia from Walk in Sync explains the serious physical harm – and ineffectiveness – of trying to walk comfortably with a dog on a collar instead of her specially designed harness and leash system.

GOOD DOGS! #6020

  • Scott Freeman explains why the varieties of food made by NATURE’S LOGIC – kibble, canned and raw frozen – are radically different from other pet foods because they are made without any chemical vitamins and minerals, with all balanced nutrition coming from whole foods.
  • Marcy of Avidog explains how to avoid dog fights and calming techniques for a dog that gets really wound up, with a “time out” for crossing an acceptable threshold of arousal.


  • Dr Bill Folger is the founder of Memorial Cat Hospital in the Gulf Coast region near Houston, the only all feline practice in the world with four board certified feline specialists, of which there are fewer than 100 in the whole world. He talks about how the AVMA should be cooperative with HSUS, rather than perceiving it as a threat to their economic interests.


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