June 23: What’s New on Radio Pet Lady Network?


Here’s a list of the new episodes on the Radio Pet Lady Network this week, but don’t forget that you can also listen to any archived show as a podcast anytime!


  • If you have lost a pet and have ashes you aren’t sure what to do with, you’ll want hear Lisa Brambilla talk about BioUrn, the unique method created to transform your pet’s ashes into a growing tree or bush.
  • Aubrey Fine, a professor at Cal Poly University, talks about philosophical issues in our human-animal interactions in his book OUR FAITHFUL COMPANIONS.
  • Tracie takes a minute to discuss that we need to be aware of “pet food elitism and judgmentalism” and why less expensive pet foods serve a valuable purpose for many people; also, she describes her recent experiences with dog training classes for her newly adopted Maisie, and how important it is to trust your instincts if a trainer or class doesn’t feel right to you.

GOOD DOGS! #6021

Lise from Avidog discusses how to know whether private or group training classes are better for you; she talks about clicker training and how timing is everything proven with chickens (of all things!) by the renowned trainer Bob Bailey, who brought trainers to a chicken farm to teach them the correct timing in using a clicker.


Wayne Pacelle talks about Operation Cyberwild, an intriguing investigation that found products made from tiger skin, elephant skin, and other wildlife parts being sold online. HSUS volunteers helped federal officials uncover this illegal trafficking. In the second part of the show, Wayne explains why The HSUS gave the Obama administration a C-minus grade for 2011, looking at important animal welfare issues such as wild horses, chimps in research, puppy mills, protection of farm animals, and the trophy hunting of wolves.


Tracie talks to Dr. Sue about her own beloved young dog Teddy, who died of a brutally rapid cancer in just one week from when symptoms appeared. They discuss what diagnostics and treatments might have been done instead and the vital importance of good communication and a shared plan between the veterinarian and the owner, which was missing for Tracie.

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