June 30: What’s New on Radio Pet Lady Network?


Radio Pet Lady Network celebrates summer with a whole new lineup. You’ll find a list of new shows below, and don’t forget that you can also listen to any archived show as a podcast anytime!


This week on our DOG TRAVEL EXPERTS show, Tracie and I discuss imaginative ideas for summer fun with your dog – from stargazing to picnicking, taking paw prints to making matching bandanas.


Linda Case is the author of DOG FOOD LOGIC, which Tracie likens to Malcolm Gladwell’s riveting books that explain how we make decisions – here, Linda Case explains all the unrecognized influences on our attitudes about pet nutrition, and the need instead for rational, objective thinking in making decisions about how to feed our dogs and cats; Dr. Kathryn Primm is a Tennessee native veterinarian who has gathered touching tales of her experiences with 4-legged patients in TENNESSEE TAILS; 16-year-old Annie Blumenfeld in Connecticut had to battle heartworm disease in her family’s adopted dog, Teddy, and she created Teddy and created Wags4hope (please visit her site and her Facebook page  for education about heartworm prevention). For her work, Annie was chosen as the American Heartworm Society’s Hero in 2013.

GOOD DOGS! #6025

Gayle from Avidog discusses the three categories scent work for dogs – tracking (you can join a clubs to learn how to teach your dog to track humans), nose work (mimicking the identification of drug, bomb and other contraband) and fun games at home (like Easter egg hunt types of hide and seek).


Dr. Patrick discusses what to feed your dog during cancer or illness, as he has had to do with his own Welsh Terrier Cardiff, who had surgery and then chemotherapy for his cancer recently.


Oils & Fats -Dr. Delaney the discusses the wide variety of sources of oils and fat in pet foods and which may be healthier or to be avoided.

CAT CHAT #1028

Dr. Donna Spector, Tracie’s co-host on THE EXPERT VET, is a board certified internist who has helped many diabetic cats get off insulin with tight regulation diabetes management; Tracie recommends Dr. Elizabeth Hodgkins’ book YOUR CAT to further help in solving this health issue.


Dr Donna and Tracie swap ideas on summer dangers to outdoors dogs: killer Buffo toads (in states like FL, TX, CO, CA, AZ), even ordinary frogs and toads with toxic secretions – and snakes, bees, wildlife poop, dead rotting animals,porcupines, and skunks. It’s a fun but dangerous world out there! What to be alert for and how to handle a problem.


Dr. Sue talks to Pam in South Carolina whose kitty Sammy has low grade GI feline lymphoma – and her quest for the right doctor with answers. July is a big month in their family because they will celebrate Sammy’s 12th birthday and two years of remission. Sammy is a special cat/companion to me. I don’t think we would have made it this far without good medical and emotional support.


HSVMA leader Andrew Rowan returns for a second visit to talk about the history of human animal interaction – farm, laboratory, wild and owned animals – and how we are doomed to repeat history if we don’t learn from it. The enormous improvement in the sheltering field in a lower number of animals in shelters and those being euthanized, and a much higher rate of sterilization, belies the increase in intensity around the issue of euthanasia.

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