June Horoscope for Dogs


With spring winding down and summer just around the corner, June is a month of transition and new beginnings. The new month also brings a new round of pet horoscopes for our canine companions. Luckily, the pet psychics at Hollywood Psychics can help you decipher what is in store for your pup this month.


The excitable Aries dog will be calmed in June from the influence of Venus. They will seek protection and security from their owners, so instead of focusing all their time playing in the sun, take some down time to rest and cuddle on the couch together. However, don’t completely remove their play time because these pups always will need exercise to keep them feeling upbeat and at their best.


With Venus in Taurus until the end of the month, you can expect to see your normally passive pup take a on a more sentimental demeanor. While in this state, your Taurus dog will naturally be cuter and better at getting what they want – perfect for sustaining their stubborn nature! Venus will no longer influence them after the 23rd, and at that point it’s important to keep an eye on your dog’s mood since the positive influence of Venus will no longer be providing an emotional buffer.


Gemini dog owners should be aware this month; the position of Venus will have a negative influence on these pups and they are prone to bouts of sorrow, lethargy, and distress. In the middle of month the full moon will exacerbate all of this further, so between the 12th and 13th be sure to approach your dog with thoughtfulness. Luckily on the 23rd when Venus changes position, it provides positive influence for the Gemini.


The Cancer canine will be notably more social this month and might actually leave their owner’s side every so often to indulge in other interactions. However, this is not typical for them and it can lead to exhaustion and reduced resistance to illnesses. Show your pup a lot of love and remind them that they always can step back and have a place by your side.


Venus also has a positive influence on the Leo dogs this June. You will see quite the opposite to their quieter mood from May. The vibrant and limelight craving pup you know is back! Returning to their normal state will lead them to crave more of your focus than normal since they likely received less in May. Be sure to pay extra attention this month because if they feel they aren’t getting enough they can become quite a handful.


Virgo pooches will be in another world this month. The normally grounded and loyal companion will be daydreaming of greener pastures to run around in (and possibly roll around in). They will be slightly restless and find difficulties focusing on the daily routines they normally crave. Take your Virgo dog to a new park, forest, or something else new and close to nature. They would love to have their favorite human owner also join them on the adventure!


Continuing from the end of May, Mars continues its path in Libra going into June. However, during the month Mars will encounter Pluto and Uranus, causing some potentially erratic behavior that may lead to some less-than smooth moments. Keep a closer eye on your Libra pup this month as these new behaviors could cause some risky decisions that can lead to injury.


The position of Venus this month will cause Scorpio dogs to radiate warmth and compassion to their owners and exhibit less of their stubbornness. However, the conflict between Mars and Uranus will also lead to potential lack of confidence for the Scorpio dog; this is likely because their heightened emotions take away some of their normal “edge.” Because of their increased emotions and more accident prone state, be sure to pay extra attention in June.


The exuberant energy from May continues into June for the Sagittarian dog and the position of the Sun will make them more close to those they love. However, with Mercury in retrograde as the month goes on there could be conflict that arises. Try not to go too hard on the training or discipline in the second half of June because it could bring out dormant negativity and cause some dog/owner head butting. Stock up on their favorite treat and try to keep things light this month!


Capricorn pups will be in rare form this June, and these homebodies will get a rush of energy. With the influence of Venus they will also tug at your heartstrings more easily. Take advantage of this month, spend extra time with your dog, and provide ample treats to emphasize their mood.


Aquarius dogs will come out of hiding in June, just in time for the extra sunshine. They’ll be willing and eager to try new experiences, see new things, and will be extra affectionate with their owners. On the contrary, this new energy will make them more vulnerable to rush headlong into play, confrontations — or even gobble down their food too quickly. Make sure to bring these excited pooches back down to earth every so often.


The presence of Venus brings an extra emotional Pisces pup in June. They’ll want to please their owners more than ever, and could exhibit more obedient behaviors than normal. The additional time with their humans will cause these attention seeking dogs to be more at ease and as long as you give them the time they need, don’t expect any health issues this month!

Want to know what else you can expect for your pet? Chat with a phone psychic at Hollywood Psychics to get even more insight into what you can expect for your furry friend in June.

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