June’s Radio Pet Lady Network Shows!

alecia-with-dogs-250This week we’re excited to welcome Alecia Evans of Walk in Sync to our DOG TRAVEL EXPERTS show on Radio Pet Lady Network (show #4031)! I know all of our readers are familiar with Alecia from her longtime Ask Alecia column here on DogTipper. Alecia’s a holistic dog trainer and the inventor of the Walk in Sync harness system. On our show, we discuss the harness system and its applications for travelers (and their over-excited, bolting dogs!) and how it allows for stress-free and pull-free leash walking in no time flat.

CAT CHAT #1030

The Water Show, with Dr. Elizabeth Hodgkins, who explains that you ca lead a cat to water but she might just play in it, since a properly fed cat (canned or frozen food) doesn’t really need to drink.

GOOD DOGS! #6019

Lise from Avidog explains her term about training and the “light bulb moment” people have when understanding their dog – which she calls a BFO – Blinding Flash of the Obvious; Lise explains how puppies learn bite control and what do do if yours never learned (like Tracie’s new pooch Maisie never did); Lise describes the Avidog Adventure Box for young puppies and how it builds character in a dog.


Dr. Karen Bradley – from the Onion River Animal Hospital in Montpelier, Vermont – is a leader in the Womens’ Veterinary Leadership Development Initiative, encouraging more of the female veterinarians (78% of vets graduating now are women) to embrace more leadership opportunities. She discusses how the humane alliance and the animal industry need to come together at the same table.


Pam in South Carolina calls in about her cat Sammy, who has low grade GI feline lymphoma, to get Dr. Sue’s opinion as she has been “doctor shopping” and getting few answers to satisfy her.


The Bunny Show with Dr. Barbara Royal, who explains what fine pets they make for vegetarians and vegan owners – and she and Tracie compare notes on the pet bunnies they have both had in their lives. Dr. Barbara discusses the challenge of doing acupuncture on an elephant.


What are the different kinds of fiber in dog food (soluble or insoluble, fermentable or non-) and how they function to create the much sought-after firm poop and how fiber is helpful in cases of diarrhea.

THE EXPERT VET #5027    

A special show about Tracie’s youngest dog, Teddy, who died a brutally fast death despite very medical intervention. Donna discusses how a team effort is needed when animals are deathly ill, but even then it may not be possible to get the needed information in time to save the pet’s life, as with Teddy.

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