Taking Your Dog to Work


We are lucky, VERY lucky, that we get to take our dogs to work every day. After our morning dog walk and dog breakfast, I say, “let’s go to the office!” and Irie and Tiki race upstairs to my office. Throughout the day, they go back and forth between my office and John’s, sometimes napping in one and sometimes the other.

We have just a few rules in our offices:

  • The dogs need to remain quiet during calls, Skype calls, and radio tapings.
  • Irie and Tiki cannot go beneath the desk that has all the wires for the computer equipment.

That’s about it. But if you are taking your dog to a public workplace for PSI’s Take Your Dog To Work Day® (TYDTWDay®) on Friday, you need to take some extra measures to make sure your dog–and your coworkers–have a great day.

We’ve got a wealth of information on DogTipper about taking your dog to your workplace including:

Preparing for Take Your Dog to Work Day

Tips from Pet Sitters International (PSI) on how you and your pet can get the most out of this annual event.

Enjoying Take Your Dog to Work Day

Four easy ways to make the most of this special day.

Preparing for Take Your Dog to Work Day

Tips from celebrity dog trainer, animal behaviorist and radio host Harrison Forbes to help get you and your four-legged co-worker ready for the big day.

Tips from Bark Busters on Taking Your Dog to Work

Recognizing this event can be stressful for your dog, Bark Busters has some tips to make sure your day is a success–including tips on what to do if other dogs in the office don’t get along with your dog.



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