Week of June 9: What’s New on Radio Pet Lady Network?

rplnHere’s what’s new this week on the Radio Pet Lady Network! You’ll find a list of new shows below, and don’t forget that you can also listen to any archived show as a podcast anytime!


  • Andrea from Fitdog Sports Club in Santa Monica, California, discusses tips for leaving your dog in doggy daycare, or for sleepovers, at a boarding facility like hers.

DOG TALK (and Kitties, Too!)

  • Dr. Kirby Wycoff is a school psychologist, professor and member of the governing board of APA (American Psychological Associations) Section on Human-Animal Interactions and speaks about the importance in AAT (animal assisted therapy) activities in taking into consideration for the stress and burden on the animals themselves when undertaking or continuing their involvement in therapy sessions.
  • Susan Cohen, the Pet Loss Grief Counselor for the Animal Medical Center in NYC for many years, and a member of Social Workers Advancing the Human Animal Bond, discusses dealing with the end of life (both of Tracie’s Weimaraners died within weeks of each other), and also whether other animals in the household should see each other when sick or in death.
  • Michele Hollow (who wrote The Everything Guide to Working with Animals and has a popular column on parade.com as well as publishing www.petnewsandviews.com) discusses her recent article on whowhatwhy.com about how German Shepherd Dogs have become physically degraded from years of transformative breeding.

GOOD DOGS #6013 

  • Gayle Watkins from Avidog, who has bred Golden Retrievers for 35 years, explains to Tracie why many responsible dog breeders have intense antipathy toward the Humane Society of the United States because there is collateral damage to good breeders from HSUS legislation intentioned to improve conditions and/or eliminate large scale puppy mill breeding operations.


  • Wayne reveals the origin of a group that is ironically called “Humane Society for Shelter Pets,” which was actually created to divide animal advocates. HSUS has revealed the dealings of PR front-man Richard Berman (who Wayne says has formed many such front groups to discredit public interest charities) and his direct involvement with this group, formed to attack the HSUS.
  • Wayne shares some important information about the natural lives of chimps and some good news for chimpanzees who will be released to sanctuaries..


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