July Horoscope for Dogs


Summer is in full swing and as we welcome the warmer months of July and August, we find ourselves in the dog days of a popular-yet-busy season. Whether you’re embracing the heat with beach days and adventures or bunkering down in the cool air conditioning with your furry friend, we can tell you exactly what to expect for the month of July when it comes to your beloved pooch. The pet psychics at Hollywood Psychics always have you covered, so grab some sunshine, a cold drink and your canine companion for our latest edition of monthly dog horoscopes.


Prepare to clear your schedule throughout the month of July because your favorite little friend is going to expect a bit more affection than usual. Whether it’s leaving work a little early for a cuddle session or pampering them with various treats, your heightened love and care will go a long way with your Aries pup.


Often times known for moving at a slower pace, the Taurus dog runs on its own schedule, but also has no problem listening to requests if treated with respect. Slow down your day-to-day a bit this month and give your dog the proper comfort and care that he/she deserves.


It goes without saying that all dogs are complicated, yet amazing creatures, especially the Gemini dog in July. Keep an eye on your pup, as most tend to be quite restless and high-spirited in the warmer months of summer. Make sure your dog stays out of trouble but also lend the time to understand how they communicate with you; this can help strengthen your bond and make for an exciting and creative month.


With so much activity in the summer months, your Cancer dog may just need a break. Some rest and relaxation can go a long way, but do your best to take your pup on hikes, adventures and parks that allow them to run free and enjoy the outdoors. These dogs are patient and often times timid, so give them a gentle nudge towards some summer fun!


If you neglect to keep a close eye on the Leo dog, you may find yourself in a sticky or smelly situation. Don’t take too many risks with your furry friend this month and always keep a close eye on their home and outdoor activity. Leo dogs are consistently confident in all realms of life, so don’t let the pooch manipulate you into giving more treats and less discipline, there’s always a time to lay down the law.


Growth is something that is necessary in all relationships, especially with our pets. Use this month to grow closer to your dog and allow this connection to flourish. Your Virgo dog may be interested in doing things a bit differently this July. Maybe instead of going for a run in the park, he wants to go for a swim in the pool if he’s a water dog. Or perhaps he’d rather chill inside than outdoors. I It’s okay to experiment with visiting new places and doing new activities, just be sure you don’t push each other’s limitations.


Interested in adding another pet to the household this month? If so, you may want to talk it over with your Libra dog. This canine expects to be the only dog in the house and will be quite vocal if furry friends enter his/her realm.


Make room in your schedule for a few more walks and visits to the dog park, because your Scorpio dog is eager to smell the fresh air and roam the outdoors. The month of July will bring a bundle of energy to this canine and they will voice their need for an adventure, whether you like it or not.


This guy or gal is dedicated to you, the owner, at all times, so make sure you’re aware of that. Although their happiness is an important aspect of life, your safety, love and respect is at the forefront. By taking your favorite little friend on a trip to see new sights, you will help them realize that there’s more to the world then their owner and the local day-to-day. This will give them an appreciation for variety and greater respect for you.


July is cuddle month for the Capricorn, so crank the air conditioning and get comfortable. The warmer weather has taken a toll on this canine and they’re simply interested in couch surfing the month away. Although you may find them seeking indoor bursts of energy, they will commonly be found perched on the couch looking for some love.


Your pooch is determined to learn the truth about everyone, including your friends and family. This month, the Aquarius dog may test the limits with the company that surrounds them; just to be sure they’re spending time with people who genuinely care about them.


Create a harmonious household for your dog this month. This will not only help improve the relationship between you and your Pisces dog, but it will show them that you’re a team and that everyday has a new purpose. By having a good routine in place for July, you can keep a close eye on their well-being to ensure the happiest dog possible.

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  • I am a Capricorn and July is cuddle month! Although every month is cuddle month 🙂