The Guardians Premieres on Animal Planet Jan. 7

The start of the new year marks the start of a new series on Animal Planet, with The Guardians shining a spotlight on a team of compassionate volunteers who come to the rescue of dogs and cats in need of a new lease on life.

Premiering January 7, 2017 at 10 p.m. ET/PT, the show follows the efforts of the non-profit animal rights and welfare organization Guardians of Rescue.

Bringing their own unique set of skills to the table in order to support the paws cause, a team comprised of carpenters, electricians, former military personnel, retired police detectives, former FBI investigators and ex-cons and gang members join forces to provide comfort and care for animals in dire straits. Throughout the series the camera captures the crew as they:

  • help to curb pet overpopulation by neutering feral cats.
  • rescue puppies from violent situations.
  • restore an RV for a veteran and his canine companions.
  • construct new enclosures for animals in need.

Guardians of Rescue, in partnership with other animal welfare organizations, helps canines and cats from coast to coast by investigating cases of animal abuse and rescuing companion animals whose lives have been turned upside down due to natural disasters.  The organization also helps to create a better tomorrow for people and pets in need through its many programs:

  • Operation Support Our Troops, which honors the bond formed between homeless dogs and cats and members of the military who cared for them during deployment by supporting efforts to bring the animals safely to US soil.
  • Gimme Shelter, which offers free to pet parents the secure accommodation needed by companion animals who remain outdoors in inclement weather.
  • Helping Families, Saving Pets, which provides free meals and basic medical care for the companion animals of pet parents who are facing financial difficulty.
  • As love for our friends with fur does not stop at our nation’s borders, Guardians of Rescue also has a Guardians International program, which is striving to save dogs whose lives are in danger due to the dog meat trade.

Photo Credit: Animal Planet

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About Grace Sydney

Grace Sydney is the Assistant Editor of and, covering celebrity-related rescue news. She operates the @HollywoodDogs Twitter account sharing information on celebrity fundraising for rescues and shelters.

  • Nancy Nurse

    I personally know both Robert Misseri, and Dori Scofield. They both live, and breathe animal rescue.
    Robert s such an unassuming man, I went for a few months as a member of GoR, without realizing he was the President!
    He goes out in blizzards, clearing snow away from the entrances of feral cat shelters.
    And he and others, sometimes spend many days, talking abusive pet owners into giving them the pet.
    My husband and I used to go to Dori’s Shelter, Save a Pet, in Port Jefferson. We would take a shelter dog outside, give them time away from the stress and noise in even the best of shelters. We’d give the dog treats, and lots of love for an hour or so.
    One sweet dog we worked with, was very appreciative. We had him 3X, and he would snuggle, and usually fall asleep in my lap. We e dn-t know his history. One day, he was on my lap, in my car. (I have bad arthritis, so if I was in pain, we-d do our TLC in my car) And one of the GoR guys came to my window. The dog went nuts! Growling and snapping.
    The GoR guy told us that this poor dog had been left outside in all weather, no shelter. That the neighborhood rs had contacted GoR because they saw the owner hit and kick this dog.
    The neighbors even tried to buy the dog. Nothing worked, until GoR got involved. They just kept stopping by, talking to the owner, until they wore him down. The dog was covered was th long, filthy, matted fur..his toenails so long, he could barely walk. But, that bore ble existence, was all he knew, and he fought the GoR when they took him away.
    He went to Save a Pet, and volunteers and staff members spent hours, socialising him.
    The GoR volunteer was one of the men that took him that night, and he was amazed at how good he looked. Even though he seemed to remember that that s man had held him tight that scary night, and growled at him!
    Anyway, that now handsome dog was adopted by a lady who had a big house,right off the Long Day sland Sound.He will have a wonderful life.
    And Robert and Dori have such big hearts, they don’t stop with animal rescue. They started “Paws of war” where they match combat Vets with PTSD, with dogs that are trained to help them Their ultimate goal is to match rescued dogs to save dogs’ lives, too.
    I couldn’t go on rescues, but Dori still found ways I could help. Once, I got to transport a nice, big, goofy pitbull to NYC, to an adopter that was having problems getting the dog from Suffolk County, to NYC.
    Her staff loaded him in my car for me…we secured him to a seatbelt in back, and off we went.
    Once we got to his new home, a 2nd floor huge apartment, with big bay windows, on a dead end culdesac, he s new human came downstairs for their reunion. It was one of the most special things I ever saw. His Human, was a sweet, goofy guy! He had his pockets full of doggie treats, brought down the r g-s bed, and bowls, just to make sure they were appropriate. He was as eager to please as his new canine ft end was! I drove home with the biggest smile!
    If you join up with GoR, or Save a Pet, you are part of a FAMILY!!
    We me ved away to Door da a few months ago, but we still have our tee shirts! And we will always be Guardians..even at a distance.