For Bloggers

We’ve been blogging since 2000 (internet years are like dog years so that’s a long time!) and now we’re full-time bloggers. We’ve put together some resources we have here on DogTipper for bloggers:

Stock Photo Library

We have a free stock photo library featuring photos related to dogs and cats. The photos are free to use, royalty free, and are arranged by gallery. We’ve shot all these photos ourselves with professional equipment. You’re welcome to size them, crop them, and basically do anything with them except sell them…all we ask for is a link. Read more…

Posts of Special Interest to Bloggers

We have a special category of blog posts of special interest to bloggers, especially pet bloggers. We cover all sorts of topics of interest to use, from increasing your Facebook fan page “likes” to how to run giveaways on your blog. Read more…

Calendar of Pet Holidays

Need some inspiration? Check out our Calendar of Pet Holidays to find the dates of everything from National Dress Up Your Pet Day to Have a Heart for Chained Dogs Week to Adopt-a-Cat Month.