Wordless Wednesday: Panama City Dogs

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A few years ago, we traveled to Panama on travel writing assignment. We were writing about a resort deep in the jungle but one day we took a Panama Canal cruise from near the resort all the way to Panama City. The city was busy and bustling so we were ready to head back to the jungle (after all, we live in the country) but first we stopped to take some photos of some of the dogs in the city.


Today when we ran across the photo of this dog, who was happily playing ball with his family in the park, we kept thinking this little guy reminded us of something…then we realized what it was! He looks so much like the cute dog in the blog logo (have a look…you’ll see!!)


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  • Amy@GoPetFriendly

    What a fantastic photo! It really does look like the pup in our logo – we call him “Scout”. In fact, you may have inspired a little contest. We’re mulling over the details and we’ll let you know when we kick it off!

    • Paris and John

      Scout! That’s a great name for such a cute logo. I am so happy to have been about to have been able to solve this “where do I know him from?” moment! And keep us posted on your contest…we love to pass along news of dog contests to readers!!