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Today is Blog the Change Day, a quarterly effort for pet bloggers to write about a cause dear to them. In past Blog the Change events, we’ve written about the joy of adopting mixed breed dogs, adopting a feral cat, and the impact that telling just one person about pet adoption can have.

But today we wanted to look at a topic that just breaks our hearts when we hear about it: pets being discarded because of age. For no other fault other than growing old, as many as four out of every 10 pets are discarded, sent to shelters where most will never see a way out.

Recently we learned about a shelter in Maryland that serves as a sanctuary for senior dogs and cats. House with a Heart Senior Pet Sanctuary was nominated for a recent Pedigree donation in a reader poll here on DogTipper. They didn’t win that poll but, when it came time for us to select a nonprofit we’d like to receive a $1,000 donation if we win a Pettie for Best Social Integration Blog, we drew out their name from the list of nominees. And we couldn’t be happier with the choice.

This very special rescue gives seniors the chance to live out their golden years in a home setting. Although many suffer from broken hearts for being discarded, the love these animals see from the volunteers here gives them the chance to do what they do best…be the pets they’ve been their entire lives.

We hope you’ll take a moment to learn more about House with a Heart Senior Pet Rescue in the video below. If you believe we’ve been doing a good job with our social media with our daily efforts such as sharing Adoptable Pet of the Day, please take a moment to vote DogTipper as Best Social Integration Blog in the Petties and hopefully help earn a $1,000 donation for this special rescue. And, most especially, make a pledge to keep your pets as they age. Make a commitment to live with these family members “in sickness and in health, ’til death do you part.”

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  • What a great cause. We adopted our last dog, Shadow, when she was 9 years old. She wasn’t abandoned because of age but was surrendered because of the medical problems of her person.

    When you think of how attached dogs get to their homes and people it’s awful to think of an older dog having to start all over again.

    We were lucky to have Shadow in our lives although it was for a very short time. I’m thrilled to hear about this organization and I’ve been voting for you to win a Petties.

    • Thank you SO much, Pamela!! At the very least, I hope this effort helps get the word out about House with a Heart…such a great rescue. It’s so incredibly sad to think of so many older dogs in shelters; they must be so confused and upset by it all. What a lucky pup Shadow was for you to come along!!! Paris

  • This is such a beautiful, wonderful organization. I had no idea 4 in 10 pets were abandoned in their elder years… heartbreaking.

    I voted for you- good luck!


    • It is SO sad to think of pets being abandoned just because they’re not new and shiny anymore…sigh… I’m so glad there are so many people with hearts big enough to see that there’s still a lot of love left in those sweet seniors!

      Thank you so, so much…your vote means so much to us! Paris

  • What a great topic to write about today. As I look down at the floor at my eleven and a half year old sweet senior girl, I can’t imagine anyone wanting to dump her at a shelter. Yet it happens far too often. Thanks for telling everyone about this wonderful rescue group!

    • Thank you! Senior dogs and cats are such sweeties and so in sync with our lives…and with so much love still to give! I’m so glad our readers introduced us to this really special rescue group!! Paris

  • I had no idea 4 in 10 older pets were abandoned. That’s horrible! And yet, like Pamela, I adopted my last dog, Aspen, at age 9. The claim was that she would constantly jump the fence and they couldn’t do it anymore. Yeah right. Aspen’s back legs were so bad from arthritis that the possibility was not even remote. But, their loss was my gain. Her health may not have been great, but she made up for it in personality.

    I am more than happy to support this cause!

    As a member of the BtC4A team I want to thank you for writing such a wonderful and ipost and for bringing attention to this issue! Thank you for joining Blog for the Change!


  • Have signed up for the blog hop 🙂 I volunteer for a rescue charity in the UK which rescues and rehomes older dogs and we adopted our own, second “oldie” 18 months ago. He’s very precious but not doing so well right now, but we count each day as a blessing and are so very glad he came into our lives.

    Thanks for thinking of the older animals out there.