Social Saturday: Adding a Facebook Reveal Page

As we continue our blog mentorship with Have a Heart, a rescue in South Florida, we wanted to take a look at ways to build their Have a Heart, Inc. Facebook fan page. We’ve talked about optimizing their wall and their info page in previous posts, and today we’re going to look at another way to increase the number of “likes” for a shelter or rescue fan page: installing a reveal page.

A “reveal” page (sometimes called a fan gate) is a landing page or tab in your Facebook fan page. When your new visitors arrive at this page, they’ll be greeted by an image of yours that welcomes them to your page. It invites them to “like” the page. Once the “like” button is clicked, the page changes to “reveal” another image, usually one with a link to a free download you’re offering readers.

There are several scripts out there to do the reveal page; the one that we use is the iFrames App for Facebook Pages from Wildfire. Right now, it’s free to add the app to your pages; in the future, it sounds like they’re going to charge for the service but will grandfather in the pages that are already using the app. (There’s more about all of that in this post on the Wildfire blog.)

Our CatTipper fan page has the reveal script installed. When a new visitor arrives at our welcome page, they first see this image:

The image that’s blurred out is the cover of a free ebook they can download after they like the page. Once they like the page, the page automatically changes and reveals this image:

The image is linked to the downloadable ebook, a pdf file. It all works seamlessly and has really helped grow our fan base on our CatTipper fan page!

Rescues and shelters can use the same technology to grow their fan page numbers. It only takes a few minutes to put together the images so the main question is what will you use as your free downloadable? It doesn’t have to be a novel-sized ebook; a small booklet is equally effective! Here are a few ideas:

  • a printable coupon for a discounted adoption
  • a printable coupon from an area dog-related store or service you’ve partnered with that would be a good match for families with newly-adopted pets
  • a booklet of five games to play with your new dog
  • a checklist of items to purchase or make for your new dog
  • a checklist about puppy proofing (or kitten proofing) your home
  • some recipe cards for treats you can make your dog

No matter how simple your download, be sure to make an accompanying image, whether that’s a coupon or an ebook. It helps readers visualize that they’re receiving an item of value, which they are, and makes it more likely that they’ll like your page.

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