Back Home from BarkWorld

Whew…it has been a busy few days, in both a good way and a bad way. Saturday night I returned from BarkWorld Expo in Atlanta where I was speaking on a panel about book publishing. The conference was a lot of fun, and I’m looking forward to bringing you all the news, from product news to inspiring keynote speakers to informative sessions.

But I’m behind on my work because Tiki had a run-in with something…probably a wasp or bee but possibly a scorpion or tarantula. Sometime on Saturday afternoon, she was stung/bit and by Saturday night her muzzle was swollen. By Sunday morning, she had swelling accompanied by hives and bloody diarrhea so we packed her off to the vet’s office immediately.

Tiki spent the day on an IV of fluids and Benadryl, followed by cortisone and, now, antibiotics. I went to check on her at 5 pm and, because she got animated when I arrived and went ahead and took a treat, the vet released her to go home for the night although she had a catheter in place on her arm. We went home with a bag of IV fluid in case she got worse in the night and had to be rushed to the emergency vet’s office.

Fortunately Tiki did well Sunday night, eager to eat the restricted diet she was allowed. She slept well (too well…at 3 am I got concerned that she was so still and woke her up!) On Monday morning, the catheter was removed and Tiki was back to her usual self. The swelling is gone and, except for a little extra tiredness on her part (and on mine!) and a shaved forearm, she has no sign of the weekend’s incident.

I guess we’ll never know what stung Tiki although the vet found a definite sting or bite inside her cheek. From now on, we have to keep an especially watchful eye on our girl when she goes outside and be ready with the Benadryl…and the car keys to head in to the vet in case of future stings.

We’re so glad that Tiki’s feeling great again!!

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