Thanks to Greenies!!

This afternoon we had the chance to play Santa to our local shelter, all thanks to our pals at Greenies!!

As you know, our dog Tiki and Inca, our little black cat, were both adopted from the Humane Society of Williamson County, a no-kill shelter that serves our area.

Last month, we heard from Greenies with the amazing offer to supply $250 in items–any kind of items, from office supplies to toys–to the shelter of our choice. We chose this shelter which had brought us two of our furry family members!

The Humane Society of Williamson County sent us their wish list which included dog toys, cat toys, and puppy food; today we received all their goodies PLUS a big box of Greenies for dogs and cats!

We want to thank Greenies for giving us the chance to help our local shelter. Right now, like so many shelters everywhere, they’re very full of all sizes and ages of dogs. While we were there, we stopped by and met just a few like beautiful but shy Freckles, below, a one-year-old dog who has been at the shelter since early June when, as part of an litter found abandoned in the country, she came to the shelter to wait for her forever home.

Thank you, Greenies, for giving us the chance to help dogs like Freckles today!!

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