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Do you plan to celebrate Easter with your dog on Sunday? If so, have you planned your photos?

Every year, we celebrate with an Easter egg hunt in the yard with Irie and Tiki. It goes quickly…really quickly! With some hard boiled eggs and a few treats scattered throughout the yard (and serving as Irie and Tiki’s breakfast), the dogs love “hunting” this meal and we love taking their photos.

Easter egg hunts are definitely a time to be ready with your camera because the action takes place quickly. Before you let the dogs out of the house, be sure you have the sun at your back and that you’ve already figured out where you’d like to shoot from and what you’d like as the backdrop for your shots.

For our photos, we have put Easter bandanas on the dogs to give them a more seasonal touch…because they just won’t carry Easter baskets:)

Some more ideas…

…catching a photo of your dog “stalking” the Easter eggs…

…or dressed in their Easter best…

What photos do you have planned for Easter? We’ll be sharing ours on Sunday and look forward to seeing yours, too! (And get the camera ready for Friday’s full moon! We hope to photograph it if it’s a clear evening!)

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  • Carrie Boyko

    That’s a fun idea. Tanner has been itching to find something in the yard since last week’s fish falling from the sky. I think I’ll try this–much more fun than cleaning up after his big “catch”!!!