128*365: Using a Telephoto Lens

As I’ve written about before, the lens I usually use on my camera is an 18-55mm lens. It’s lightweight, it’s not so long that I bang the camera into trees as we walk, and I like the results.

But sometimes it’s nice to have a longer lens. Yesterday I switched lens and put John’s lens on my camera. It’s an 18-200mm zoom so it includes the same range as my lens and then a lot more.

During the day yesterday, I used it to take some hummingbird photos; the little guys were lighting on our feeder in the front yard. Even with a 200mm lens, though, it’s not enough to get really close…

Then I saw this ribbon snake sneaking into the honeysuckle…

And then I discovered this shed snakeskin!

That telephoto came in handy for photographing subjects that I either couldn’t or wouldn’t get too close to!

It’s also plenty useful for photographing dogs, too, especially ones like Irie that don’t like a camera right in their face…

I love how a long lens compresses the distance between objects and makes the depth of field appear more shallow. It’s a great tool and one I have to remember to switch to more often, at least for photos around the house even if it’s a little too bulky for our walks.

Please share a telephoto photo of yours below! Just click the + link in the comments field to upload a photo!


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