197*365: My New Favorite Photo Site

I’ve recently discovered a photo site that I’ve really enjoyed: Photojojo. This site features DIY projects, photo gear, and tips (and you know how much we like tips!)

I subscribe to this site’s newsletter which includes new projects and tips in each issue. I really like that the projects aren’t super complicated and don’t require expensive specialized photo equipment. Here are a few recent posts I’ve enjoyed:

The iPhone Scuba Suit Takes Your Phoneography To New Depths

I don’t have an iPhone but, if I did, I’d love this waterproof case that lets you submerge your iPhone.

Make the Ultimate Photo Timeline (And It’s Not on Facebook!)

I’ve got to check this one out!

DIY: Make a Scarf Camera Strap (It’s Chilly Out There!)

OK, it’s definitely not chilly here right now but I’ve bookmarked this post for this winter. This one looks easy enough that I *might* be able to make it!

What photo blogs and sites do YOU enjoy reading

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  • Sjgilbert

    I have an iphone. If I wasn’t going to get the new iphone that comes out in September I would invest in the I phone scuba suit.  Thanks for telling us about your favorite photo site. It is amazing all the products out there for the iphone. The Ultimate Photo Timeline is very interesting.