211*365: Making a Facebook Cover

Yesterday I wrote about the photo collages that are very easy to make using PicMonkey; before I leave this subject, I wanted to share the Facebook Cover option on that free site. I created these four Facebook covers (each is created at the proper Facebook width; I’m just showing them in this narrower format because of DogTipper’s template.)

You can select from several different arrangements to show a different number of images. You can also mouseover one of the images and look for the small X in the upper right corner of the square; just click to delete that square.

Here are a few examples I created in just a couple of minutes:

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  • SGilbert

    Awesome!!! I am going to PicMonkey and make a photo collage of Schooner and Skipper. Thanks!!

  • Christine A.

    Very cool. I put together my own Facebook cover page for my business page with Picnik before it was shut down. Now I will definitely be using PicMonkey!