220*365: Using a Remote Control with Your Camera

Living in the country, we don’t have the option of just grabbing someone to take our photo. And Tiki and Irie get dog hair on the lens when they try to shoot photos 🙂

When we need a photo of the two of us together, a good option for us is an infrared (wireless) remote control. We’ve used shutter release cables in the past but this works better; we can get further from the camera to take the photo and we don’t have to worry about pulling over the tripod and camera with the shutter release cable.

Today we needed a photo of the two of us with our BlogPaws award for best dog blog so we headed outside to get a shot. If you look at John’s hand, you can see that he’s holding a little device; it’s this:

Not all cameras can use these infrared remotes but it’s an inexpensive little device if your camera can use one. If not, you can always set the self timer. The benefit of the remote control is that, without returning to the camera, we can take multiple photos…

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