227*365: Black Pets and Contrasting Backgrounds

Today is Black Cat Appreciation Day (actually our Inca and Felix say EVERY day is black cat appreciation day around here!)…so I wanted to talk a little about photographing black cats or dogs.

It’s not as easy to photograph a black dog or cat as it is one with lighter fur. One reason is contrast:

You’ll see how well tiny Coco, just a little kitten in this shot, shows up against the couch cushion but Inca is much more difficult to see.

This is a pretty easy problem to remedy…all you have to do is position your black dog or cat against a light colored background! I love Inca’s golden eyes so I like this photo of her against the yellow curtains:

…and I like this blue backdrop (which actually was a photo backdrop for pet products…but Inca decided that I should photograph her instead of a product!)

You’ll see how Inca’s whiskers show up in this last photo, a nice touch and possible because the overhead lights and the photo lamps were reflecting off her glossy whiskers!

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  • I find that taking photos of black dogs in sunlight helps, since the shine of the fur provides good contrast, too. I have more difficulty taking photos of all-white animals. Using flash especially washes them out.

    • Yes, I know if I use a flash with our dog Tiki, she’s totally washed out. I wish we had big patches of sunshine in the house for photographing the cats (they don’t go outdoors). They find patches of sunshine to sit in…but it seems like there’s always a shadow. If we ever redo our windows, I’m getting glass-only…no mullions!

  • myfurryplace

    its beautiful background indeed but the blue one come out really striking pretty I love it !