Preparing for BarkWorld!

At this time next week, I’ll be getting ready to head to Atlanta for BarkWorld Expo. (John’s staying home to keep everything running smoothly here.) You’ll remember that last year I spoke at BarkWorld about book publishing; this year I’m speaking again but on a whole new topic: cat blogging!

This year, the third year for BarkWorld, the conference has introduced MeowWorld…and I’m so excited that on behalf of CatTipper I’ll be speaking with Joanne from The Tiniest Tiger! We’re part of a new lineup of special activities especially aimed at cat writers. Along with a special swag bag particularly for the cat writers, MeowWorld will include these cat-centric events:


7:15 – 8 am: MeowWorld Breakfast

Joanne and I will be co-hosting this special, invitation-only breakfast for cat writers. If you’d like to be added to the breakfast list, please email me so I can get you on the list!

10:30am: Roundtable discussion: Tips for Cat Writers

We’ll be leading this roundtable discussion for cat writers, from discovering topics and staying current on what’s new for cat households to dealing with unpleasant readers online when the claws come out. This roundtable session will be filled with Q&A so please bring your questions! This event will be livestreaming; I’ll have details before the conference about how you can get online and take part in the discussion!

If you’ll be attending BarkWorld Expo, please let me know so we can be sure to meet!

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  • theresaoconnell

    Looking forward to seeing you at BarkWorld! I currently blog for my hound Prudence, but I’m hoping to “incorporate” tales from our kitties’ viewpoints into the blog soon.

  • I will be there! I still can’t believe it, really. Though I blog primarily about my dog I’ve recently started tackling the cat issues in my community and I was excited when I heard about MeowWorld. Will the roundtable discussion be open to all or do I need to officially be a cat writer?