365: Lake Fun!

Although so much of the country is experiencing cold, icy conditions, we’re having just the opposite kind of weather here: higher than normal temperatures. Today was about 80 degrees (we’re not ready for that yet!) so we decided it was time for a little lake getaway with the dogs, leaving our computers in time to get out to the lake before sunset:

Although it was warm enough for a swim (at least in the dogs’ minds), sadly the lake levels are at record lows thanks to the drought right now so even after a hike, we were a long way from the water:

So we just sat and watched the sunset:

Even without a doggie swim, it was a fun evening at the lake!

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  • Sharon Gilbert

    The pictures are so beautiful!! Wish we had a little of your warm weather. We are at 24 degrees this morning and by Tues we will be in the 50’s and Wednesday back in the teens. We have not had much snow this year which means Lake Michigan water level is going to be way down again. We will be lucky if we can get the boat in the slip this year. Enjoy your nice weather.

    • Thanks so much, Sharon! It’s cooler this weekend but still in the 70s so I sure can’t complain! It’s amazing how low the lake is this year. The park where we were has a boat launch but it can’t be used; I’m not sure there are any public launches open on the whole lake now. Across the lake from the park, I could see home with private docks…now a long, long way from the water!!