365: Nighttime Visitors

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Today has been a rainy day so my photography has been curtailed. With our continued drought, we need the rain desperately, so no complaints here!

But I have some fun shots from our game camera to share. Our infrared camera took these shots earlier this week.  I love seeing the wildlife that comes by at night. We’d thrown out a pumpkin in the woods, smashing it so the deer or maybe a raccoon could come by for the pumpkin seeds.Well, some other wildlife decided to have a snack, starting with this fox just after dinnertime:

A few hours later, this pair of coyotes came by…

It looks like one was a little skittish but the other coyote stayed to track down the scattered seeds…

…and returned a few hours later!

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  • Dawn

    This is so cool. I love seeing these game camera shots. We live on a quiet little lake and often in the morning there are fresh foot prints of all kinds of night time visitors in the mud at the waters edge. I should get a camera like this so I can see them come.

    • http://www.facebook.com/parisandjohn Paris Permenter

      Thanks; I just love that little camera! I’m thinking about making sort of a “sand box” to capture pawprints, too. One year we had enough snow to be able to see tracks, and it was so much fun!