365: Our Canine Cousin

Today has been a super busy day involving a trip to South Texas to help out John’s elderly cousins. Along with other assistance, they needed someone to take their dog Chip to the vet for annual shots. We outfitted him with a new harness, loaded him in the car, and took him to the local veterinary office. John’s cousins live near a small ranching and farming community so cattle are just as common at the vet’s office as canines (in fact, they’re located adjacent to a cattle auction barn). We’re so happy to report that Chip did great for his shots, getting a clean bill of health and soon heading back to him home:

Chip’s family was very happy to have him back home and soon we were headed back home as well. Tiki and Irie were very interested in our clothing when we returned home this evening and gave us one of those looks…that “do you have another family you’re not telling us about?” look. We had to make it up to them with an extra long walk this evening!

Happy weekend!

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  • Carrie Boyko

    What a happy ending! I bet Tiki and Irie enjoyed sniffing your clothing out of curiosity. And by the way, that Chip is a cutie!

    • Chip is such a little cutie and good-tempered, too! His cousins Irie and Tiki turned loose of some of their over-abundant collection of dog toys and he was quite happy!