365: PetTipper!

Brr…the sudden cold weather has got Irie and Tiki feeling *frisky*! They romped around like puppies before this morning’s walk. There’s a slight, slight chance of some snow flurries in the coming days which would be very exciting for them (and us!)

In today’s 365 post, we’ve got some exciting news to announce: the launch of PetTipper.com! No, it’s not really another site but just (at least at this point) a weekly newsletter. We’ll be featuring highlights from both DogTipper and CatTipper in this weekly newsletter and also offering some exclusive giveaways just for subscribers. To celebrate the launch, we’ve got a quick giveaway underway for the new Awkward Family Photos: Pet Edition day-to-day calendar.

Speaking of giveaways, don’t forget to enter the RSVP giveaway for #SuperDogPics, our Event Barkers Twitter party on Jan. 20. For more on the giveaway, don’t miss the All Things Dog Blog post, too!

Today I’ve also been busy on the phone with a conference call with Walk In Sync founder Alecia Evans of the Ask Alecia column. We’ve got a special project coming up that is going to be a lot of fun; stay tuned for an announcement in the coming days!!

And today I’ve been talking with Rachel from PrestonSpeaks.com; she’s going to be running our joint booth at Bay Area Pet Expo on Jan. 12. If you’re in the San Francisco area, please come by the expo, one of the Amazing Pet Expos, and see Rachel and Preston as well as Karen from Mousebreath. They’ll be hosting some special (big!) giveaways from the booth! Shorty Rossi of Animal Planet’s “Pit Boss” will be at the show as well; he’ll be kicking off the new season of the show in just a few days!

2013 is starting off busy!



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  • Sharon Gilbert

    Schooner and Skipper play just like that in the morning and then they are ready for a morning nap after running and chasing each other.

    • Ha, that sounds like Tiki and Irie! They love these cool morning and run and play…then fall over in a nap after the come in for their breakfast!

  • Nice photos. Those 2 get along so well. How do you do it? My cat and dog don’t really get along to well.

    • Thanks! Tiki and Irie really are best buddies and we’re lucky that they get along with our four cats, too. Two of our cats REALLY love the dogs and enjoy playing with them!