365: Ringtail!

Every few days, we check our game camera to see what visitors came through in the night. A few days ago, we threw out some bananas in our compost pile…they must have been very alluring to this little visitor, a ringtail!

I thought I’d seen a ringtail just a few days ago down by the creek on our morning dog walk but then decided perhaps it was just a small fox. (I just caught sight of the bushy tail.) Now I’m guessing it was this little ringtail, hanging around behind the house near his den somewhere in the woods.

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  • Sharon Gilbert

    I have always wanted to live out in the country…but…I could never get my husband to move where we had 10 acres or more. He was born and raised in the city..I was raised in the country. I love seeing what you post on all your night time visitors!

    • Thanks, Sharon!! I just love living out in the country (except for the poor Internet service…that’s the only downside, lol!) I was raised in a small town and had never lived out in the country until we got married but I just love it (and I think the dogs do, too!)