365: Coyote Visitors

As you know, we walk our dogs a lot. We have many trails and enjoy walking them in the morning (like this shot taken today) and evening. The back portion of our property is a nature preserve to protect endangered bird species (primarily the Golden Cheeked Warbler) but even the front portion is largely wild. On this front portion, we have a burn pile just down the drive a bit from our house; right now we’re under a burn ban because of the drought so we can’t burn so we’ve just piled up brush as we wait for rain.

As we’ve been out walking our dogs the last few days, we’ve noticed Irie and Tiki were REALLY interested in the burn pile area, a place they usually don’t pay much mind. We set up our game camera to see what was going on…and we were in for a surprise! We got these photos earlier this weekend of a coyote pair coming through about 11am (you’ll see the second coyote to the left of the burn pile, just to the right of a closed water barrel):

We’ve gotten photos of them coming through at night, but it was a bit of a shock to see them mid-day (on a day when we were home and John was working outdoors.) One coyote stopped to mark the area…definitely leaving a calling card for Irie and Tiki!

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  • Sharon Gilbert

    Your game camera really takes good pictures. I beat that is so much fun watching to see what critters are visiting. Irie and Tiki have a good nose for smells!

    • I am really surprised by what good photos it takes, even at night! It can also shoot video although we haven’t tried that yet. It was a bit of a shock to see these coyotes in the daytime like this!